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Change in odor of vaginal discharge

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You just had sex with someone new. But now something feels off. Maybe you were changing out of your work clothes and caught a whiff of something And you thought you knew yourself pretty intimately and all of your bodily scents! Here's everything you need to know.

What Do STD Discharges Look Like?

9 Kinds of Vaginal Discharge: Colors, Consistencies and More | Teen Vogue

If you're anything like me and I like to think I'm pretty relatable , you probably don't give much thought to what your vagina smells like. That is, until something smells You know, you get a whiff of funkiness and suddenly you're reading Google results for "why does my vagina smell? It happens to the best of us.

Vaginal Discharge: What It Is, Why It Happens, and What Different Types Mean

When eating particular foods, we usually think about what is good for our body or our energy levels, but we don't usually pick a meal based on what it will do to our vaginal heatlh. However, there are a number of foods that can impact vaginal health , and this can be anything from causing a yeast infection or even some unwanted odor. It's not exactly something you learn in nutrition class, but if you're looking to keep your vaginal health in tact, you'll want to make sure you're tweaking your lifestyle to make sure everything runs smoothly with your reproductive system. Angela Jones, M.
Vaginal discharge that comes with a foul smelling, fishy odor may be a sign of a bacterial infection. Find out what are the causes and the treatments available to help treat the infections. Vaginal discharge with odor can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing symptom of a greater health problem. Discharge from the vagina in its self is not a problem since normal discharge helps keep your vagina clean and healthy.

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